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IMBĪB Teams up with The Folk and The Lore

We have teamed up with a great new non-profit in Reno called The Folk and the Lore who is bringing stories from our community to you, through photographic essays, short films, audio interviews, and monthly storytelling events. Each month we brew beer to fit the theme of the month. Check out what we have brewed so far.

October 2013
Theme: Truly Scary Reno Stories
Beer: Blackbeard’s Black IPA 

November 2013
Theme: Farm, Fork, Family
Beer: Farmhouse Pumpkin Ale brewed with honey and wild yeast.

January 2014
Theme: Love, Lust, and Adoration

  1. Stranger’s Sweet Stout – Milk stout aged on pomegranate and cocoa nibs.
  2. Tart – Belgian session pale ale blended with raspberry lambic.
  3. Wild American Blonde – American blonde ale brewed with wild and american yeast.
  4. Black Swan – Oatmeal stout blended with bourbon barrel stout.