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Like most breweries we receive many requests for donations of beer or swag. We love to support our community and believe that giving and philanthropy are an important priority for any business, large or small. During our first year of operations we received far more requests than we could accommodate in part due to the size of our operation. Being the smallest brewery in Nevada also means we have less product to donate, yet we have tried to share as much as we can to support the local non-profits that are helping to meet the needs of Nevada and Nevadan’s.

In order to prioritize donation requests and attempt to have a collective impact in the community we have decided to focus on donations that support education in our community, one of Nevada’s biggest needs. While we will consider donation requests from any eligible non-profit, we are at the point where we have to say no to some requests and we hope that our clear mission to support educational related events and organizations will help us justify those decisions and be able to show over time that our donations are helping to have a true impact in the community.

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